Widespread European eHealth adoption spurs CPOE

By Jamie Thompson
12:53 PM

A new report by Frost & Sullivan, “European Market for Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Systems,” reveals that accelerated adoption of eHealth in Europe has impacted the growth of the CPOE market.

The CPOE market earned revenues of $106 million in 2010 and it is estimated to reach $173.5 million in 2017.

European health ministries have been adamant about improving health IT infrastructures across the EU. CPOE has only recently become an important part of that strategy.

“Improved IT adoptions in the healthcare sector, paralleled by the need to reduce medication errors, are driving the growth of CPOE systems in Europe," said F&S research analyst Somsainathan Kamalasekar. "Similarly, integrating CPOE with other existing eHealth services is the biggest trend that is expected to support accelerated growth from 2013."

One of the challenges to implementing CPOE has been high cost. Coupled with decreased budgets, the initial expense of CPOE systems has caused some hospitals to be apprehensive toward implementation.

Understanding client requirements and customizing products will encourage hospitals to adopt CPOE.

“Since the recent economic crisis, public expenditure has dropped significantly and hospitals are reluctant to make new investments,” said Kamalasekar. “Developing systems that are easy to integrate will be key to success in the European CPOE systems market. Mitigating the high integration cost will not only boost the adoption rate for CPOE systems but will also ensure higher revenue generation for market participants."