Nursing, Enovacom, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS
By 04:56 am October 15, 2020
ENOVACOM Patient Connect was “the obvious choice” for Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust when it wanted to connect life-critical ventilators to the electronic patient record.
By 04:51 am October 15, 2020
In an effort to eliminate paper-based processes as much as possible, RMH implemented an ECM platform as a first step in an eventual transition to a full-fledged EMR system.
Doctor discussing with woman at nursing home
By Laura Lovett 12:00 am October 15, 2020
Oliver Wyman's chair of diversity and inclusion talks about why gender parity is still struggling despite companies' best intentions.
Aashima Gupt and Roy Schoenberg
By Kat Jercich 03:40 pm October 14, 2020
Rather than trying to replace in-person care, telehealth in the future will complement and enhance it, said Amwell's Roy Schoenberg, during a conversation with Google Cloud's Aashima Gupta.
Sequoia Project logo
By Mike Miliard 01:08 pm October 14, 2020
Its news Data Usability Workgroup will build implementation guides to help facilitate more useful health information exchange and more intuitive clinical workflows.
Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

By Bill Siwicki 01:06 pm October 14, 2020
This was enabled thanks to an FCC COVID-19 grant that supplied all physicians with new laptops that feature HD webcams and processing power for seamless video visits.
Amwell trade show display
By Kat Jercich 12:52 pm October 14, 2020
Amwell told Healthcare It News that it believes the claims lack merit and that it intends to "defend against them vigorously."
HHS Secretary Alex Azar

HHS Secretary Alex Azar (photo: Pool, Getty)

By Kat Jercich 09:30 am October 14, 2020
He predicted in a Tuesday speech that patients will eventually see telehealth as a "durable and desirable" part of their healthcare experience.
Zesty, Cerner, Patient portal, NHS

Credit: Zesty Patient Portal 

By Sara Mageit 06:14 am October 14, 2020
NHS trusts who are Cerner clients can access Zesty products through their existing agreements.
Mayo Clinic - Rochester, Minnesota
By Mike Miliard 04:26 pm October 13, 2020
Mayo Clinic Platform President Dr. John Halamka explains how a new digital health tool can be applied through the "five stages" of the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling on-demand testing, tracking of lab results and proof of vaccine administration.