West coast reference lab installs new billing database

By Richard Pizzi
12:00 AM

Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, the largest independent reference laboratory in the northwestern United States, has selected a new database for their next generation laboratory billing system.

PAML, a division of Bourget Health Services, Inc, will install the CACHÉ high-performance object database from InterSystems. The Cambridge, Mass.-based vendor offers database and integration software, including a platform for regional electronic health records.

According to PAML's CIO Mark Johnston, the lab wants to leverage comprehensive MultiValue capabilities by migrating its billing services application to CACHÉ.

"The unrivaled speed of CACHÉ was key to our database technology selection," said Johnston. "In addition to using the billing application internally for the testing services that we provide, PAML provides billing services to more than 20 medical laboratories, and we expect that base to keep growing."


Johnston also noted that PAML intends to take advantage of CACHÉ's open environment to leverage technologies such as Java, .NET and Web services.

"[The database] offers the high availability and massive scalability needed to support our end users as well as the outside customer population," Johnston said.

PAML is moving forward with a migration plan that calls for beginning modularized deployment of the new billing application in 2008.

"It very rarely occurs that I would buy technology in October and have the migration project done by the end of the year," Johnston said.

PAML delivers testing services to more than 100 hospitals in a core market that includes Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming and Alaska. The laboratory network is considered a national leader in the area of hospital partnering and laboratory joint ventures.