Weekly twitter clinics in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) aimed to hold weekly Twitter clinics during Ramadan this year.
By Dillan Yogendra
10:39 AM

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) aimed to hold weekly Twitter clinics during Ramadan this year. The clinics are held from 9.30am to 11am every Thursday and medical experts answer queries on specific health-related issues.

The topics that are being discussed during the 4-week period involve nutrition, diabetes, and hypertension – in response to fasting.

Wafa Ayesh, head of clinical nutrition at DHA, was answering questions on healthy nutrition and fasting tips during the first week. She said: “Nutrition and taking care of oneself is extremely important during fasting, especially when one is fasting for 15 hours a day in the summer. We decided to set up a live Twitter clinic every week so that people can get on-the-spot replies.” Ayesh said large amounts of caffeine-containing beverages should be avoided and sufficient water and juices consumed.

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Ayesh also commented that, although Ramadan is an opportunity to detox and lose weight, complete inactivity and consumption of sugar-rich foods such as desserts can make people gain weight.

She said, “I would recommend that people stick to natural sugars such as fruits for desserts. This is especially important when they go out for Iftars to hotels and restaurants. A few bites of sugary desserts are acceptable but when people indulge in desserts during Ramadan, they raise their blood sugar levels, making it tougher on themselves during the fasting hours and after Ramadan is over, they find that they have put on significant amount of weight.”

She also advised against complete inactivity during Ramadan. “It is recommended that one should engage in some kind of light exercise, in addition to Taraweeh prayers which are part of the physical and spiritual exercise Muslims perform during Ramadan. One must remember that exercise, together with a balanced diet is essential if you want to watch your weight during Ramadan.”

As Ramadan progresses diabetes and hypertension issues shall be incorporated.

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