Web-based solution allows UK docs comprehensive access to patient data

By Jamie Thompson
03:06 PM

CareInform is a new Web-based solution that allows access to a patient’s current and past healthcare records sourced across multiple clinical IT systems.

As pressure to improve NHS patient services continues, CareInform is meant to help local health organizations achieve the Department of Health’s Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention targets. The solution will also adhere to a new NHS mandate that states “that all patients should have an integrated electronic record of their care that can follow them to any part of the NHS or social care system, by 2015.”

Developed by Stalis, a data and resource management solutions provider, CareInform can pull information from any type of clinical or administrative system to create a single longitudinal patient record, officials say. This enables healthcare providers to access accurate patient data quickly and from any site location or compatible mobile device. By facilitating integrated care, CareInform has the ability to extend access and involve patients, empowering them to make their own healthcare decisions.

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“We’ve spoken with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and discovered they want a way of intelligently linking data from different systems into one easy-to-use place, to save clinical and administrative time, whilst providing better quality of information," said Christine Whitehouse, managing director at Stalis. "And it is by listening that we have developed CareInform to deliver against these needs."

"A fully informed clinician armed with instant access to a patient record, and a comprehensive view of a patient’s history across other healthcare settings along the care pathway, will be more empowered to make the most appropriate treatment decision," she added.

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