Want a better mHealth tool? DIY!

'Be encouraged by the thought that 99 percent of the greatest ideas in mobile development have not been developed yet'
By Diana Manos
01:12 PM

Have a great idea for an in-house mobile app that would make life a lot easier for the physicians at your hospital? 

Go for it, say some of the best professional app developers advising hospital CIOs and IT departments.

“Be encouraged by the thought that 99 percent of the greatest ideas in mobile development have not been developed yet,” BioLucid President Jeff Hazelton recently told the Wireless Industry Partnership in a developer spotlight.

WIP will be hosting the WIPJam, an all-day mobile app development session, at next month's mHealth Summit 2014.

In anticipation of that session, here are a half-dozen tips compiled from developers:

1. Trust yourself. “Don’t look to others for ideas about what to create,” Hazelton said. “Look to what you have a passion for and build something unique,”

2. Start small. Go ahead and publish an app, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, said Jared Homes, senior consultant at Dialog Information Technology in Australia. “Software needs users, and an unpublished masterpiece (or at least it will be if it’s ever finished) is of no use to anyone and brings little reward."

3. Learn as you go. “If you have something specific to build you can learn while building it," said Naomi Morton, product manager at SwiftKey, in London. That way, "you have something at the end to show for your work, which can also be used to demonstrate your new-found skill.”

4. Kick into high gear during the execution phase. “Follow your passions and when you recognize that opportunity you go for it,” Hazleton said. “And when you do, switch over to ‘beast mode’ when you execute.”

5. Collect analytics. "Measure everything about how your app is being used — from device and OS statistics to how the user interacts with your app,” said Erik Hellman, senior Android engineer at Spotify (he's is also a Google app developer expert and author of Android Programming: Pushing the Limits).

6. Troubleshoot your app. “Use a third-party crash analytics tool like HockeyApp. This gives a better understanding of the crashes your users have,” Hellman said.

The mHealth Summit 2014 runs from Dec. 7-11 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center just outside Washington, D.C. Register here.

This story originally appeared on Healthcare IT News sister site mHealth News.