Walmart to use SoloHealth's digital pharmacy ad platform

By Diana Manos
10:44 AM

SoloHealth, a consumer-driven healthcare technology company, is developing what it claims to be the nation's largest digital ad platform for retail pharmacy. The technology is already being placed in Walmart and Sam's Club stores across the country.

SoloHealth officials announced Thursday that the product will be built on the nationwide rollout of its FDA-approved SoloHealth Station health and wellness digital kiosks.

The SoloHealth Station will expand to more than 2,500 store locations by mid-2013, scaling to more than 4,000 by 2014, SoloHealth said in a written statement. The digital platform will empower an anticipated six million consumers in 2014 to take charge of their health with free, interactive health screenings and assessments.

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According to SoloHealth, inaugural advertising partners include Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Pfizer, Bayer, Hallmark and The Coca-Cola Company. WellPoint, Dell, and Coinstar, Inc., have all partnered with SoloHealth, each making strategic financial investments in the SoloHealth Station platform.

"We are fundamentally changing consumer healthcare access and along with way providing advertisers with a completely unique and effective way to reach consumers in a direct, highly personalized and engaging manner," said Bart Foster, CEO and founder of SoloHealth. "Our platform allows brands to become solutions for consumers  – reaching health-conscious shoppers when they are engaged and interested in products that are aisles away, not miles away."

The SoloHealth Station offers highly personalized, targeted and interactive opportunities for consumers, advertisers and retailers by placing kiosks in high-traffic areas, Foster said.

The SoloHealth Stations will provide health screenings for vision, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index, a symptom checker as well as an overall health assessment free of charge.

SoloHealth Station, a cloud-based platform, will also help connect consumers to local professionals through their databases, the company said.

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