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By Kat Jercich 09:58 am November 25, 2020
The American Telemedicine Association said the newly released final rules move the healthcare industry closer to a value-based care model.
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Credit: Jeenah Moon, Getty Images

By Sophie Porter 01:25 am November 25, 2020
On top of investment and skilling, region dubbed a “game-changer” in sustainable transformation.
Nuance, public cloud, Germany
By 01:00 am November 25, 2020
The first HIMSS study on public cloud use in Germany’s hospitals shows a high deployment level of cloud computing. On average, respondents rate public cloud solutions as more advantageous than on-premise solutions, however, they also express concerns with regard to data protection and compliance. 
By Kat Jercich 04:22 pm November 24, 2020
The partnership will use de-identified patient data to zero in on factors that worsen COVID-19 outcomes among certain groups.
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By Kat Jercich 01:00 pm November 24, 2020
Remote patient monitoring ecosystems should not be treated in the same way as traditional endpoints, say cybersecurity experts.
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By 09:02 am November 24, 2020
Despite the Challenges, How Can Emergency Medicine Providers Maximize Revenue?
InterSystems trade show desk
By Mike Miliard 08:30 am November 24, 2020
The FHIR R4 APIs in version 2020.2 of the platform will enable broader access to provider, payer and pharmacy benefits data – and can help boost compliance with upcoming interoperability and patient access rules, the company says.
By 06:07 am November 24, 2020
The virtual panel session brings together industry leaders and medical professionals to discuss how increased adoption of digital health technologies will empower the healthcare workforce to deliver care that is truly empathetic at its core. 
Radiology, imaging, artificial intelligence, Siemens

Credit: AI-Rad Companion chest computed tomography 

By 05:00 am November 24, 2020
The demand for radiology imaging is increasing, resulting in patients waiting longer for their radiology procedures to be reported. Siemens Healthineers has responded to this by releasing the AI-powered post-processing and reporting solution, AI-Rad Companion.
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By Kat Jercich 01:24 pm November 23, 2020
The system's Epic electronic health record has been in "read-only" status at several of the system's sites, with MyChart patient portals also inaccessible.