Vitality and AT&T make smart Rx caps available on Amazon

By Diana Manos
09:49 AM

Vitality, Inc. and AT&T announced Tuesday that wirelessly connected Vitality "smart" GlowCaps are now available on

The intelligent pill caps are designed to help patients take medications regularly by sending reminder calls, weekly email reports and monthly updates sent to your physician.

Vitality's AT&T-connected GlowCaps fit on standard prescription bottles and use light then sound reminders, which can be followed by a phone call or text message so people don't miss a dose, according to David Rose, chief executive officer of Vitality.

Each time the pill bottle is opened, adherence data is recorded and securely relayed to Vitality over the AT&T wireless network. This daily adherence information is used to compile periodic progress reports that are sent to patients, caregivers and doctors and family members, he said.

Rose said Vitality uses sophisticated pattern recognition to uncover the key motivational levers for each individual, and then tailors programs to activate these levers and break through whatever barriers exist. Data generated by GlowCaps can be used to automatically refill prescriptions as pills deplete.

"GlowCaps use real-time feedback loops to act on a number of behavioral motivators: reminders, doctor accountability, social support and help with refills," Rose said. "These are instructive findings for pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers who have a vested interest in improving patient outcomes with their products and services."

According to Rose, each year millions of people fail to take medications as prescribed by their physicians. The World Health Organization estimates that adherence to daily medication averages 50 percent for those suffering from chronic diseases. Numerous studies demonstrate that poor adherence reduces the effectiveness of medications, jeopardizes patient health, and increases healthcare costs. Recent research, including work by the New England Healthcare Institute, calculates the costs resulting from non-adherence at $300 billion annually.

"We look forward to delivering to consumers a reliable means to establish and maintain a prescription routine," said Glenn Lurie, president, emerging devices, AT&T. "This solution is simple, easy to use, and long overdue."

The Vitality GlowCaps will be available for $10 per cap and $15 per month for AT&T service. Consumers can also sign up to receive a free GlowCap once they are available at their local and/or national pharmacy, Rose said.