Vendors partner for gigabit connectivity to smart homes

Smart homes have sensors that collect health measurements and behavioral data that can help health specialists improve quality of life and ensure safety inside the home.
By Bill Siwicki
01:14 PM
smart home sensors help healthcare

Adtran, an open networking technology vendor, is working with Ting Internet to deliver gigabit connectivity to enable home healthcare delivered to smart homes in Westminster, Maryland, through a project with the Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory, otherwise known as MAGIC.

Ting is helping to provide gigabit broadband to two MAGIC smart homes for individuals living with disabilities. The MAGIC smart homes have sensors installed that can collect health measurements as well as behavioral data that can help health specialists draw conclusions about how to improve quality of life and ensure safety inside the home.

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The intelligent MAGIC smart homes move smart homes beyond a concept to a reality that will help improve lives and enable individuals to age in place, said Robert Wack, MD, of MAGIC.

“Applying smart home technology to healthcare monitoring will help us improve the quality of life, ensure safety in the home, and provide much-needed medical data to our community’s health providers,” Wack said. “Ting Internet’s and ADTRAN’s roles in helping to develop a scalable fiber network to Westminster ensure the routing of this health data is highly secure, reliable and instantaneous.”

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MAGIC has developed the smart home project as a collaboration using broadband-enabled technologies in a residential setting. The homes will gather a wide variety of data and provide intelligent monitoring, analysis and alerts, as well as enable remote healthcare designed to make a measurable positive impact on the quality of life for residents.

The MAGIC smart home project aims to combine telemedicine and patient data collected to decrease emergency department visits, unplanned medical appointments and staff time spent on non-scheduled medical care for fragile-health populations.

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