AI cybersecurity
By Tom Sullivan 09:02 am December 05, 2018
Criminals can use artificial intelligence to engineer automated phishing attacks with more convincing content and greater accuracy.
telehealth UPMC Curavai
By Mike Miliard 03:30 pm December 04, 2018
The move comes as the AMA has published new data about how many physicians are actually using telemedicine technology.
Communications platform gains efficiencies, cuts discharge time at Avera Health
By Bill Siwicki 02:16 pm December 04, 2018
In one case, 100 percent of Avera's respiratory therapists missed at least one therapy or medication order per day by at least 30 minutes – now, with the new platform, only 11 percent of therapists per day miss an order by that time.
By Benjamin Harris 01:37 pm December 04, 2018
A new Black Book report spotlights emerging trends reshaping IT support, exploring the skills vendors will need and the tools they'll use to meet new demands.
Telemedicine consults have grown 73 percent annually over the last five years at the Kansas City children's hospital.
By Bill Siwicki 11:13 am December 04, 2018
Telemedicine consults have grown 73 percent annually over the last five years at the Kansas City children's hospital.
Blockchain healthcare
By Mike Miliard 09:21 am December 04, 2018
The concept is simpler than many realize, but the implementation can be complex and challenging. Health systems should think deliberately about new proofs-of-concept, but get on board soon.
Forrester 2019
By Diana Manos 09:03 am December 04, 2018
The time has finally come for hospitals to keep pace with other industries patient experience-wise, analyst firm says.
By 07:42 am December 04, 2018
A global investigation has found that unsafe medical devices have caused 1.7 million injuries globally and almost 83,000 deaths in the last 12 years.

The New Children's Hospital in Helsinki. Credit: Matti Snellman/ HUS

By Dillan Yogendra 06:13 am December 04, 2018
Since opening its doors to the first patients in September this year, the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, Finland is using a unique combination of art and play, recognised as key elements for a “healing environment", and the latest technologies available to
Blockchain illustration.
By HIMSS Media 03:48 pm December 03, 2018
For December we’ll dive deep to separate what’s really happening today from the marketing speak.

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