Tips to make eCQM reporting smoother when managing multiple EHRs

Hospitals can improve the overall process by getting the right people involved, institutions flexibility of data capture, and create a feedback loop.
By Bernie Monegain
10:18 AM
CMS meaningful use requirements

Reporting electronic clinical quality measures is difficult, and even more for the many hospitals running multiple EHRs, but there are steps hospitals can take to ease the burden. 

Among the hardest parts is continuing to report eCQMs once a new, single EHR is selected and a rolling 12-month implementation plan is in place, according to Mary Burton, group manager of clinical quality reporting at BJC Healthcare in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Burton said that aligning Joint Commission and CMS reporting into one comprehensive, cohesive system would alleviate some of the pain. When national regulatory bodies are not aligned or standardized, she noted, any efficiencies gain with automation are weaker because of the need to develop, test, and validate two distinct work products.

“We have learned from chart-abstracted core measures that when national regulatory bodies are not aligned or standardized, any efficiencies gained with automation are diminished by the need to develop, test, and validate two distinct work products,” Burton noted.

But the best approach to eCQM reporting is getting the right people to lead the effort. Also, she sees a need for flexibility when it comes to data capture, in a way that is well aligned with the nurses’ and doctors’ day-to-day work. 

“The ability to expand beyond the vendor’s configuration of EHR as the single source of data capture is essential,” she added. 

As hospitals become proficient in reporting, the challenges are beginning to ease.

“Development of measures with hospitals doing some testing in a live setting is very helpful. If at all possible, avoid a rush to production,” she cautioned. “Make sure the measures really work before making them mandatory. Propose measures and allow for feedback.”

Burton and Liz Richard, managing director at Encore, A Quintiles Company, are scheduled to speak during the HIMSS18 session, “Managing eCQM Reporting Through a System EHR Transition,” at 10 a.m. March 8 in the Venetian Palazzo G.

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