THA Group partners with Cardiocom Telehealth

By Diana Manos
10:12 AM

THA Group, a free-standing in-home health company serving coastal Georgia and South Carolina, will partner with Cardiocom to expand its chronic telehealth program for patients with chronic conditions. 

Cardiocom is a developer, manufacturer and clinical service provider of telehealth solutions.

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"Telehealth has significantly evolved over the eleven years we have practiced telehealth, in terms of both software and hardware, necessitating the need to explore systems to meet our current needs," said Ellen Bolch, president and CEO of THA Group. 

"We chose Cardiocom's telehealth system because it contains those elements that THA Group deemed critical in a new telehealth partner – sophisticated chronic disease management software with an emphasis on self-management, easy-to-install and -use monitors, cellular capability, two-way integration with our point of care system and willingness to partner and develop new ways to advance home health care as the solution to in-home, post acute care," added Bolch.

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Daniel L. Cosentino, president and CEO of Cardiocom said, "As healthcare is rapidly moving towards an outcome based payment structure,  Cardiocom is thrilled to be collaborating with a provider who is well known for pioneering innovative models of care.”

"We look forward to co-developing new features that can allow home health care to continue to showcase their value proposition," said Cosentino.