SunriseXA upgrade ready

By Jack Beaudoin
12:00 AM

Eclipsys Corporation officials say the latest iteration of its SunriseXA application, Release 3.5, will be released as early as this month, fulfilling promises made in the hectic days following the company's October admission that an initial version provided unacceptable response times.

That problem, generally attributed to faulty architecture, was addressed by the February release of Sunrise XA 3.3. Since then, the company completed a battery of tests to convince the industry that its fundamental approach is sound.An audit by the Aberdeen Group asserted that Eclipsys "has successfully addressed response time issues identified with its SunriseXA product announced in 2003." The underlying benchmark testing was designed to simulate a hospital with 6,000 patients, larger than any existing hospital in North America.

Release 3.5 will utilize the same database engine and user interface as SunriseXA 3.3, but will contain advanced clinical functionality in ambulatory support, clinical documentation, access management, prescription writing and a host of other features, according to early reports. "It remains on track for general availability in June 2004," confirmed Eclipsys spokeswoman Judy Barnett. "A public announcement regarding its general availability is anticipated at the end of June."

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