SpaMedica's patient administration goes electronic

By Jamie Thompson
11:33 AM

SpaMedica has implemented IMS MAXIMS' electronic patient administration and records system. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allows SpaMedica to expand its NHS contracts and make services available via the Choose and Book national electronic referral service.

The company, specializing in ophthalmology, has a hospital in Manchester as well as satellite clinical facilities in northwest England.

“SpaMedica provides world class treatment for NHS and private patients, but I want the whole patient experience to be of the highest standard,” said Anil Pitalia, founder of SpaMedica. “For that to happen I needed an established but innovative electronic patient system that would meet all our clinical and administrative requirements.”

Additionally, the IMS MAXIMS SaaS option is a rented and fully-hosted solution, it does not demand major initial investment or an in-house IT department.

“We want smaller independent providers to be able to compete on equal terms with the biggest in the business, and that’s what our software-as-a-service option allows healthcare companies like SpaMedica to do,” said Leesa Ewing, IMS MAXIMS business development director.