At Roper St. Francis, investing in IT is an investment in people

“We definitely strive for the right work/life balance.”
By Jeff Rowe
02:28 PM
Roper St. Francis

“Freshness” is a word you often hear in the food business. But given the amount of change underway in healthcare, and given how pressure can take a toll on staff members, you could say it's a concern for health IT managers, too.

“We definitely strive for the right work/life balance,” Melinda Cardell, interim vice president and CIO at Roper St. Francis Healthcare in Charleston, S.C., said about her IT staff. “We encourage people to take time when they can.”

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At Roper St. Francis, that time often has to be wedged in between new projects.  According to Cardell, the organization’s latest efforts have included network infrastructure upgrades and a new data center; up next is a new EMR.

“We’re always looking at how to make things better for our patients,” Cardell said, adding that it helps that her IT team is adaptable and comprised of “creative and talented folks who are always willing to stop and help troubleshoot when problems arise.

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