Precyse, M*Modal help Geisinger with documentation

By Mike Miliard
09:24 AM

 Precyse’s automated, clinical documentation and coding software features an ICD-10-ready, NLP-assisted coding engine driven byNLP technology from M*Modal that processes and understands human voice, converting it to text and transforming it into information.

This NLP-enabled, automated coding technology bridges Geisinger’s electronic health record, dictation, transcription, coding and clinical documentation improvement processes by capturing, editing, coding and directing physician dictation into Geisinger’s electronic health record software platform.

Physicians in the Danville, Pa.-based health system will be able to dictate directly into the EHR with minimal impact to their current workflow patterns. Clinical information is electronically tagged to be searched, mined and analyzed by healthcare team members responsible for driving hospital care and outcomes. This solution will also accelerate an organization’s attainment of meaningful use standards under the HITECH section of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Redesigning workflow

This solution provides a snapshot of all necessary management, resource and reporting tools for mission-critical health information management processes on one platform, officials said, easily monitored and managed through an easy-to-follow dashboard.

“Geisinger is eager to work with Precyse Solutions and M*Modal to innovate an enterprise-wide solution to physician documentation in the EHR, creating vast opportunities for improvement across the documentation continuum,” said Joan Topper, vice president of IT optimization for the Geisinger Health System.

“Precyse is committed to finding newer and better ways to capture and format the clinical narrative to maintain health data integrity, drive EHR adoption and enable meaningful use compliance for our clients,” said Jeffrey Levitt, CEO and founder of Precyse Solutions. “The reality today is that EHR implementation, adoption and attaining meaningful use are major challenges for healthcare facilities and clinicians. Together with M*Modal, Precyse accepts physician affinity for dictation and transcription while meeting the facility’s objectives for improved healthcare delivery and superior information management.”

This past December, Precyse was named one of the top two medical transcription companies by KLAS in its 2010 Transcription Services: Competition, Technology, Consolidation report.

"Many medical transcription companies are setting themselves up to offer not only transcription, but speech recognition, technology and editing services as well," said Graham Triggs, director of financial and services research at KLAS and the author of that report.

"The market is in transition,” he added. “Vendors are clearly moving towards taking ownership of more of the entire transcription, technology and service relationship with providers."