Population health and mobile health vendors team for better analytics and better health

Advanced Plan for Health’s analytics technology will receive consumer health data from iHealth Labs mobile devices with the aim of enabling employers to reduce employee health costs and improve health outcomes.
By Bill Siwicki
04:29 PM

Advanced Plan for Health, a population health management analytics vendor that targets benefits managers and self-insured employers, is partnering with iHealth Labs Inc., a health vitals self-monitoring mHealth vendor that targets consumers. By integrating with iHealth’s mobile health technology and incorporating the health vitals compiled from iHealth devices into Advanced Plan for Health’s data analytics technology, employers will be able to increase the engagement of consumers in their health, reduce employee health costs and improve health outcomes, the two companies said.

Through the iHealth platform and devices, consumers can track their health vitals, including blood pressure monitoring, weight, glucose levels, activity levels and blood oxygen levels. The devices automatically sync their data with smartphones or tablets; with the partnership, the information now is uploaded into Advanced Plan for Health’s Poindexter technology, a population health management data analytics engine, to help provide a complete health picture for individuals, the vendors explained. If an individual shows he or she is maintaining a chronic condition, this may result in lower health plan co-pays, deductibles or premiums, the vendors said.

“The iHealth line of mobile health devices and solutions enable our users to lead healthier lives by taking a more active role in managing health conditions like hypertension and diabetes,” said Yuchen Wang, chief solution officer at iHealth Labs. “Through our partnership with Advanced Plan for Health, we’re now able to help patients not only better understand their health but also realize savings when it comes to their healthcare expenses.”

The vendors can help individuals change their mindsets from patient to consumer, said Neil Godbey, CEO of Advanced Plan for Health.

“This behavioral approach is how healthcare is being transformed, and we want to be on the cutting edge of this trend,” Godbey said. “The end result of this partnership is to provide value - in terms of better health outcomes and savings - to self-funded employers, payers, providers and patients alike.”

Last month, Advanced Plan for Health announced its partnership with digital health company Tesser Health. Advanced Plan for Health intends these partnerships to help it build more consumer health management capabilities into its Poindexter platform.

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