Poll: Can Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft really solve healthcare's interoperability problem?

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By Healthcare IT News
11:12 AM
Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle signs from HIMSS!8

Last week during the White House Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference, six of the most dominant technology vendors pledged to tackle one of healthcare’s hardest problems: data interoperability.
The lineup is impressive: Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce.
But the pledge itself was short on specifics other than the suggestion that cloud, FHIR and Project Argonaut would play key technology roles. There was a sense that the announcement came together at the last minute; it was not even on the conference’s agenda, to be certain.  
The natural question, then, is can the big guns pull this off? Answer below and we will share the results.