'Pocket Heath' app allows UK patients to access health info

By Jamie Thompson
03:38 PM

CSC has announced its ‘Pocket Health’ mobile app, developed in collaboration with the NHS. Pocket Health allows UK residents with an iPhone, iTouch or iPad to access a wide range of healthcare information from the NHS Choices website.

Officials say the app is designed to make it easier for people to make healthcare and lifestyle decisions, as well as to find NHS services they need anywhere in England.

Pocket Health allows users to find information relevant to symptoms by touching the appropriate area on a screen image of the human body or by scanning a list of conditions. A service locator identifies where the user is and tells them where to find the nearest doctor, pharmacy, clinic, hospital or dentist along with contact information.

“When you are on the move and need medical information quickly, this app does the job well, putting healthcare in the hands of the patient," said Sheri Thureen, president of UK Healthcare at CSC. "Pocket Health not only allows you to find information, such as that provided through NHS Choices, but can provide essential locator and navigation services."

Pocket Health discourages inappropriate emergency calls by providing a one-touch NHS Direct number. For genuine emergencies, the app automatically dials the emergency services number appropriate to the user’s location. There is an option for users to set up an In Case of Emergency record to provide clinicians with critical care information.

“Mobile technology is very important for the delivery of modern healthcare," said Lee Appleyard, head of digital media and partnerships at NHS Choices. "This app is a great example of patient empowerment, helping put them in control of their own healthcare."