PHEMI launches Precision Medicine platform for Big Data

The new platform leverages Oracle and Hadoop technologies to enable users to run analytics against large research data sets.
By Jack McCarthy
07:41 AM

Big Data warehouse vendor PHEMI unveiled its Central Precision Medicine Edition.

Designed to reduce the time researchers spend analyzing vast amounts of genomic and phenotypic data, the PHEMI Central Precision Medicine Edition leverages Oracle and Hadoop technologies.

Oracle Big Data Appliance and is built on Hadoop Big Data technology for scalability and ultra-fast query capabilities.

Running on the Oracle Big Data Appliance, in fact, enables PHEMI’s tool to ingest, index, annotate and search large amounts of genomic data and achieve sub-second query performance, Vancouver- based PHEMI said.

“Our customers in precision medicine have told us they need two key things: a unified view across genotypic and phenotypic information at the whole genome level for hundreds of thousands of samples, and the ability to look up and query that data at speed,” PHEMI CEO Paul Terry said in a statement.

Standard interfaces – like the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health API – provide integration with existing analytics tools, while PHEMI’s built-in data management and privacy functionality enforce rightful access to data, the company added.

Brad Tewksbury, senior director business of development at Oracle said leading academic medical centers are gearing up for the explosion of data growing their data centers to fuel their precision medicine initiatives. He added that when taken together the PHEMI, Hadoop and Oracle technologies offer customers the ability to handle complex data for precision medicine.

That tools enable “researchers and clinicians to not only take advantage of previously untapped data, but also realize faster processing times to help improve data exploration and analysis,” Tewksbury said. 

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