Open platform ties together genomics and other data sources to give clinicians better information for treatment regiments

Orion gets in precision medicine game with Amadeus

By Tom Sullivan
08:25 AM
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Orion Health revealed a new addition to its product roster: Amadeus.

Describing Amadeus as a platform for personalized care and precision medicine, Orion's software comes on the heels of two new tools from enterprise applications stalwart SAP.

Orion, which calls itself a population health management vendor, explained Amadeus can enable predictive modeling and machine learning for identifying at-risk patients and setting precise treatment regiments by accommodating genomics, research data, unstructured medical histories and more.

Amadeus is an open platform such that third-party applications can access, via APIs, its data and services, Orion said, and the company is hoping developers will innovate on top of it.

SAP, for its part, earlier this week announced Foundation for Health and Medical Research Insights, both of which run atop its HANA platform.

Foundation for Health is a warehouse for clinical and genomics data while Medical Research Insights is an application that enables users to analyze information for a range of purposes, including clinical trials, drug development, research and population health.

Indeed, SAP, Orion and other technology companies are working toward similar endpoints.

"This is a critical evolution for healthcare generally. Imagine a world where everyone receives treatment perfect for them. That's what we're aiming for," Orion CEO Ian McCrae said in a prepared statement. SAP chief medical officer David Delaney, MD, meanwhile, told Healthcare IT News, "our vision is really to create a health network enabling personalized medicine. If you look at the current market and the entities supporting medicine in general, there's really no free exchange of information between these parties."

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