NIH kicks off 'All of Us' precision medicine testing

With the goal of enrolling 10,000 Americans by early autumn, Precision Medicine Initiative program head Eric Dishman said that NIH intends to scale up quickly.
By Tom Sullivan
09:41 AM
NIH precision medicine

The National Institutes of Health opened its All of Us Research program to early testers.

“Our beta testers will help us find problems with our systems and processes, so we can fix them and improve the experience for everyone going forward,” Eric Dishman, Director of NIH’s All of Us Program wrote io the agency’s website.

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NIH is aiming to enroll 10,000 people in the initial beta testing beginning in the early fall with partners around the country and scaling up from there with plans to kick off a national launch either later in this year or in early 2018.  

The team has already established a research protocol and built a biobank and big data systems to securely store and transfer health data. 

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Participants will share information about their lifestyle, the environments in which they live and their health, with which NIH will create what Dishman called unprecedented research that anyone from academia and industry to citizen scientists will be able to access for studying health issues.

“Ultimately, we want to build a community at least one million strong, with participants from all walks of life and parts of the country,” Dishman wrote. 

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