New York RHIO to go live this summer

By Molly Merrill
12:00 AM

BROOKLYN, NY - The Brooklyn Health Information Exchange’s plans for an enterprise master person index are under way, as the not-for-profit regional health information organization is set to begin operations this summer.

BHIX will use Initiate Patient software from Initiate Systems, Inc. as the foundational technology for locating, linking and matching patient records. Initiate’s technology will help the exchange create a master person index that will allow for patient identity resolution and the linking of patients across multiple sources of data.

The technology will also facilitate a portal application and Record Locator Service’s ability to search and establish context on a patient that will enable healthcare professionals access to a single view of any patient in BHIX.

“There is real progress to be made in acquiring and securing the critical data necessary for our success, and we will leave no physician behind,” said Walter Fahey, vice president and CIO for Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and technical advisor to BHIX. “We are building a better healthcare system and providing the groundwork for the eventual interoperability between BHIX and the other established RHIOs in the state of New York.”


The master person index is expected to help physicians manage chronic diseases and medication, as well as help develop patient-specific joint-care plans that will minimize the number of visits and procedures for patients.

“This is a pragmatic, real-world implementation of technology and cooperation between healthcare organizations totally committed to the benefits of shared electronic health records,” said Irene Koch, executive director of BHIX. “We serve a large, diverse and aging population. The precision and speed we gain through electronic records for even the basics, like known medications and allergies, will result in substantial improvements in providing care.”

BHIX is expected to be operating by late July 2008 and will encompass Maimonides Medical Center, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Rutland Nursing Home, Elderplan, First to Care Home Care, MJCG Home Care, Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center, Shorefront Jewish Geriatric Center and Home Care, Sephardic Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Visiting Nurse Service of New York and the 1199 SEIU National Benefit Funds.