New interface transforms smartphones for vital signs monitoring

By Jamie Thompson
03:22 PM

Lionsgate Technologies Inc. (LGTmedical) will launch a universal interface that transforms smartphones, tablets and laptops into mobile medical devices with real-time vital sign monitoring capabilities.

Using standard medical sensors connected directly through the universal audio port of practically any mobile device, the proprietary interface provides accurate monitoring of blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and body temperature.

Mark Ansermino, MD, associate professor, department of anesthesiology, pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of British Columbia was part of the team who developed the technology.

"Pairing medical diagnostics with mobile phones will greatly advance the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases in developing countries," Ansermino said. "The availability of portable, easy-to-use and affordable mobile health monitoring technology will move medical diagnostics from the hospital to non-hospital settings, helping reduce global health inequities and improving health outcomes worldwide."

Users simply download an app that allows their device to drive a low-cost standard medical sensor. LTGmedical’s technology includes applications for pulse oximetry, temperature and blood pressure monitoring.

The Phone Oximeter, LTGmedical’s flagship product, is slated to be released into clinical markets in 2013. The new technology platform supports low-cost product design.

The Phone Oximeter will enable mobile devices to provide non-invasive measurements of blood oxygen levels. After downloading the app, a standard medical sensor attached to the patient's finger is connected to the audio port of any phone, tablet or laptop. The sensor detects concentrations of oxygen in the blood and displays the readings.

"Mobile vital signs technology will serve as a valuable tool in assisting with medical diagnosis, decision support, chronic disease management and patient engagement in the coming years," said Tom Walker, president and CEO of LGTmedical.