New at HIMSS19: Meet the Champions of Health

The theme highlights "everyday superheroes" working in health information and technology at the HIMSS Global Conference.
By Tom Sullivan
07:06 AM

The upcoming HIMSS19 conference will feature a new theme: Champions of Health Unite.

“It is important that the Global Conference theme celebrates all in attendance – the everyday superheroes that are fighting the good health fight for individuals and populations worldwide – and do so with a perspective, spirit and energy that may not have been associated with HIMSS a year or two years ago,” said Terri Sanders, vice president of marketing and communications at HIMSS.

Sanders added that the healthcare ecosystem has seen an increasingly rapid pace of change in the last few years with signs pointing to something of a revolution.

"Amidst all the disruption and innovation, workforce and financial forces in motion, those of us that are truly committed to realizing the full health potential of every human, everywhere, must act now and in collaboration and partnership with one other,” she said.

Champions of Health will include those on a "quest for better health and well-being," and the group is global in scope. Here’s the lineup:  

  • The Transformer: Aashima Gupta, global head of healthcare solutions
  • The Visualizer: Janne Pitkanen, human-centered design specialist
  • The Innovator: Dr. Rasu Shrestha, innovation strategist
  • The Researcher: Blake Marggraff, CEO
  • The Explorer: Javier De Oca, entrepreneur
  • The Communicator: Lygeia Ricciardi, consumer engagement expert
  • The Disruptor: Saffron Wanger, chief information and innovation officer
  • The Gamechanger: Yolande Greene, senior project manger for population health
  • The Strategizer: Kevin Carey, executive director
  • The Influencer: Herman Monserrate, senior business architect
  • The Trailblazer: Mohammad Agha, assistant professor or clinical PM&R and orthopedic surgery

Sanders said the Champions of Health are representative of the broader evolution happening in healthcare.

"Champions of Health is a reflection of what HIMSS stands for, what those who engage and lean on our organization stand for," said Sanders.

HIMSS19 runs from February 11-15, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Register here

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