New AI platforms announced at HIMSS18 focus on fetal monitoring, enterprise imaging

PeriGen seeks to help physicians monitor moms while Fujifilm Medical Systems is expanding an AI research project for imaging technologies.
By Bill Siwicki
08:12 PM
AI fetal monitoring, enterprise imaging

PeriGen, a perinatal early warning systems vendor, unveiled at HIMSS18 PeriWatch Vigilance, a new fetal and maternal early warning platform.

PeriWatch Vigilance is an artificial intelligence-powered early warning platform for obstetrics that automatically identifies patients whose conditions are worsening, facilitating more timely interventions. Vigilance augments currently installed fetal surveillance systems, providing a critical layer of patient safety without requiring a hospital to rip and replace current systems, PeriGen said.

The always-on software uses proprietary intelligent algorithms to analyze maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions and labor progress in real time, informing clinicians of emerging abnormalities. Specific thresholds and automated checklists can be configured according to each institution’s preferences.

“Delayed response to clinical warning signs is by far the leading human factor found in severe birth-related morbidity,” said Matthew Sappern, CEO of PeriGen, which is showcasing the new technology at HIMSS 18 in the Qualcomm Life booth, #3854. “The analyses performed by PeriWatch Vigilance help clinicians see worrisome trends at a glance, and intervene before it is too late. Use of early warning systems as well as the PeriWatch modules has been associated with a reduction in morbidity.”

PeriGen recently entered into a strategic reseller agreement with Qualcomm, through its subsidiary, Qualcomm Life.

Also on the subject of AI, Fujifilm Medical Systems continued to expand its Artificial Intelligence Research Project into the U.S. market. Fujifilm has designed its AI development initiative to harness the power of AI to enhance its Synapse Enterprise Imaging and Medical Informatics portfolio. At HIMSS18, Fujifilm introduced its newest brand, REiLI, which will represent Fujifilm’s global Medical Informatics and Imaging AI Technology Initiative.

“Our technology has evolved with the changing demands of the healthcare industry, bringing us to our next milestone, our Artificial Intelligence Research Project,” said Johann Fernando, chief operating officer at Fujifilm Medical Systems USA. “We’ve been working collaboratively with some of our partners to develop and expand our artificial intelligence capabilities with the goal of aiding physicians in an even more impactful way in the coming years.”

Fujifilm’s Artificial Intelligence Research Project is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the global development headquarters for Fujifilm’s Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio. Fujifilm will partner with its strategic clients in the U.S. market to draw upon clinical insights and expertise to bridge AI applications to imaging informatics systems, the company explained.

“We’ve received very positive feedback from healthcare professionals that have already seen live demonstrations of our Artificial Intelligence Research Project, and specifically the speed and depth of integrated workflow achieved with our new Synapse 5 server-side PACS system,” said Bill Lacy, vice president of medical informatics at Fujifilm Medical Systems USA. “As we focus initially on radiology, and with a clear focus on supporting and collaborating with radiologists, not replacing them, artificial intelligence technology can help radiologists aggregate PHI faster for more informed decisions, and prioritize their work and time more effectively.”

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA is located in Booth 6637 at HIMSS18.

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