MedStar expands prenatal app beyond initial pilot phase

The hospital also added the BabyScripts Medicaid experience tool for women’s health.
prenatal app

[Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article misreported the timing of the project. We regret the error and have corrected it.] 

MedStar Health kicked off a program testing the BabyScripts prenatal app in 2014 and recently expanded its use. 

The hospital said it is now offering the app to MedStar patients at its Midwifery Practice and the Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting. 

It offers expecting mothers a “Mommy Kit” that includes an iPhone app, wireless weight scale and wireless blood pressure cuff -- technologies that generate patient data which is captured and transmitted automatically to both the user and the clinic. 

The software also delivers what Babyscripts described as evidence-based obstetrician-approved guidelines for lifestyle, medical and nutritional action items. 

“We can remote monitor and interact with 90 percent of an OB practice patient population,” said BabyScripts President Juan Pablo Segura. “When we first started we could only interact with about 30 percent.” 

Since the pilot began, BabyScripts has built out its app portfolio to include a gestational diabetes product, a postpartum depression screening product and hypertension in pregnancy experience. 

In addition to moving the program out of its pilot phase, MedStar also deployed the startup’s new Medicaid experience technology, called Care Navigator.

“When we started the pilot with MedStar, we just had one product,” Segura noted “Now we’re deploying several of these modules.” 

In 2014, MedStar became a founding member of the 1776 incubator that connects hospitals with startups. BabyScripts is also a member. 

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