Medical marijuana company partners with IT vendor to clinically assess cannabis therapies

Companies are working to integrate mental health tools with dashboard software to track patient symptoms and deliver validated data through a portal.
By Bill Siwicki
12:45 PM

MedReleaf and Ehave announced a new partnership to clinically assess and optimize cannabis-based therapies for treating a variety of health conditions. 

The companies intend to achieve that with a new patient intake system built by integrating Ehave’s mental health information software with MedReleaf’s patient and physician dashboard.  MedReleaf is also a licensed producer of medical cannabis.  

Hospitals and practices already are gearing up to treat patients with cannabis and could potentially use the system to determine the efficacy of such regimens. 

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Customers can use the dashboard, in fact, to establish baseline patient assessments and track patient-reported symptoms by incorporating a broad panel of clinically validated surveys into a single digital portal. 

This first tool will be integrated with future compliance and reporting offerings co-developed by Ehave and MedReleaf designed to empower patients in their treatment plans, help both patients and healthcare practitioners to encourage treatment compliance, and verify treatment outcomes in a reliable and objective manner, the companies said. 

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Ehave CEO Prateek Dwivedi said in a statement that the companies intend to objectively capture data about how patients with various conditions respond to therapies and, in turn, incorporate validated or novel surveys into formats including a clinician portal, video games, digital platforms or customized apps. 

MedReleaf CEO Neil Closner added that the companies are focused on improving patient outcomes by tapping data-driven technology to ultimately validate the efficacy of treating patients with cannabis. 

The partnership also provides a pathway to clinical validation for emerging treatment modalities such as medical cannabis, where efficacious dosing and administration remains to be established by the clinician and regulatory standards, Dwivedi added.

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