MedeAnalytics acquires OnFocus

Aimed at helping large providers with performance improvement initiatives
By Mike Miliard
10:58 AM

MedeAnalytics, which develops business intelligence and revenue cycle technologies, has acquired OnFocus Healthcare, a maker of enterprise performance management tools, for an undisclosed sum.

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MedeAnalytics officials say the addition of OnFocus will create a "closed loop" analytics and performance improvement platform. OnFocus's action planning, progress tracking and performance management functionalities will be added to existing MedeAnalytics products.

As healthcare organizations face increased accountability, company officials say the combined technologies will offer real-time analytics, and reporting and action planning capabilities, to faster identify and measure places for improvement – and help them achieve the desired outcomes.

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OnFocus's performance management tools – used by more than 300 providers – enable healthcare organizations to link their business intelligence with current strategies, key performance metrics and action plans aimed at improving clinical, financial and operational performance.

"The acquisition of OnFocus Healthcare broadens the MedeAnalytics product portfolio into a key area for our customers' enterprise performance management," said MedeAnalytics Chairman and CEO Andrew Hurd, in a press statement. "Providers and health plans will now be able to leverage the crucial insights from MedeAnalytics to create robust action plans aimed at driving results across hundreds of employees, facilities, departments and clinical settings."

Together, officials say, the two companies will help customers track and maintain key initiatives in a centralized location and identify and address delays and performance variances before they become a problem; assign accountability for each initiative and monitor progress in real-time; and measure the success strategic and operational goals, improvement initiatives and action plans across hospitals or health networks.

"OnFocus customers will now have the dual benefit of combining MedeAnalytics' solutions offering seamless aggregation, integration and analysis of disparate clinical, financial and operational data with OnFocus' planning and performance management capabilities – from one integrated system," said Steven J. Mason Jr., president and CEO of OnFocus Healthcare, in a statement.