MedAxiom partners with pMD for mobile charge capture and communication

The cardiovascular membership organization is boosting the medical mobile software company’s platform.
By Bill Siwicki
02:10 PM
mobile charge communication

A screen snap from a tutorial for pMD Charge Capture. Photo via YouTube

MedAxiom, a cardiovascular performance organization that provides consulting, networking and membership services including data analytics and educational events, has partnered with pMD, a vendor of medical mobile software with communication and data capture tools that interface with most major electronic health records and medical billing systems.

The goal of the partnership is to help advance value-based cardiovascular healthcare with pMD’s platform focused on mobile charge capture and HIPAA-compliant information sharing.

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“With over 5,500 physician users, many of whom are cardiologists, pMD is clearly a charge capture leader,” said Joseph Sasson, vice president of MedAxiom. “Physicians using pMD are increasing their efficiency, ROI and quality of patient care in a time where reimbursement cuts, compliance regulations and other costs are impacting medical practices.”

With the full extent of the technology and services pMD offers today, pMD streamlines the entire practice from point-of-care through reimbursement, which is exactly the kind of support members of MedAxiom are looking for, Sasson said.

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The pMD mobile communication and data capture platform focuses on features for real-time charge capture. The platform includes simplified code search, HIPAA-compliant text messaging, hospital and answering service integrations, and quality data capture. The platform aims to enhance interoperability, reduce data entry and improve provider workflows, pMD said.

The pMD platform also provides care coordination software for the management and collaboration of patient care. This unified care coordination system connects providers and caregivers across different organizations.

Cardiovascular practices can benefit from pMD’s rounding and patient handoff processes, interfacing capabilities, outpatient procedure schedule accessibility, and stress test and echo reads integration, MedAxiom said.

“As a cardiology practice, we know that our patients are high-risk, and we want to give our doctors the best opportunity within regulatory requirements to cross their T’s and dot their I’s,” said Michelle Ruiz, director of business operations at Pima Heart. “pMD makes it easy for our coders to isolate Level 5 visits, complete a pre-audit, and provide instant feedback to our doctors.”

This whole process occurs within the 30-day amendment period, so staff can ask doctors if they wish to amend their documentation and actually recover extra revenue, Ruiz added.

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