Mostashari makes case for ACA success

Op-ed credits healthcare reform's effects in McAllen, Texas, and beyond
By Bernie Monegain
07:38 AM

In an op-ed in Wednesday's New York Times, former National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari, MD, and Bob Kocher, MD, former special assistant to President Obama on healthcare and economic policy, make the case that the Affordable Care Act is indeed lowering healthcare costs and delivering better care.

To make their point, Mostashari and Kocher reviewed what is happening today in McAllen, Texas, the subject of Atul Gawande's landmark 2009 New Yorker article "The Cost Conundrum." Gawande, a surgeon and New Yorker staff writer, examined and detailed why healthcare in McAllen was so costly while its citizens suffered from poor health.

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Five years later, Mostashari and Kocher say the community, one of the most at-risk populations in the country, has lower healthcare costs and better health.

"Five years later, the situation has changed," Mostashari and Kocher write. "Where McAllen once illustrated the problem of American health care, the city is now showing us how the problem can be solved, largely because of the Affordable Care Act that Mr. Obama signed into law in 2010."

After leaving the Office of the National Coordinator and the Brookings Institure, Mostashari founded a company called Aledade, dedicated to helping physicians form accountable care organizations. Kocher joined venture capital firm Venrock, which has invested in Aledade.

Read the op-ed here.

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