Intermountain, Deloitte put data to work

Initiative designed to provide insights derived from Intermountain data to help transform healthcare
By Bernie Monegain
09:05 AM
Intermountain CIO Mark Probst

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“This collaboration is indeed creating a destination point for organizations interested in understanding what works and doesn’t work in healthcare and for whom and what products,” says Asif Dhar, MD, principal and chief medical informatics officer for Deloitte (pictured at left). “So, it is a substantial business that certainly Deloitte is embarking upon. We prefer to look at it more like a solution than a business because obviously solving healthcare is first – and our collective mission.

“As opposed to selling large swathes of data, we’re bringing fairly sophisticated analytics on real live data,” explains Dhar. “We’re going to release insights based on a kind of therapeutic area analytics engine.

The insights typically are of two types, he says. What therapies or combinations of therapies tend to provide the most meaningful improvements and outcomes for which populations.

"So if you’re looking at a series of asthmatic patients what therapies or combinations of therapies tend to improve specific cohorts, and what you realize is that a population of asthmatics isn’t the common denominator, but broken up into many different subpopulations of people that have all sorts of different characteristics.," says Dhar. "What we’re able to do is get down to those more individualized characteristics and figure out what’s working and not working. So that’s very powerful."

Manufacturers who are concerned about their products really having a positive impact on the intended health outcomes, would also find significant interest in understanding what’s working and what’s not, and who’s receiving the best benefit and who’s not, Dhar adds, and maybe address some safety issues along the way so they can optimize their product and its sale for the most appropriate populations.

Probst emphasizes that while Deloitte and Intermountain are the initial collaborators in this venture, “it isn’t the intent of just to be surfacing Intermountain data to the potential consumers of this insight. It’s broader and more august than that.”

“Our intent is to work with many organizations,” Dhar agrees, "and we’ve got a number of them that are already interested in joining this community. This is fully anticipated to be the start of a growing community. The intent is to create a community that will create kind of a nationwide learning system.”

“We fully intend to work across the entire health value chain – all the health sectors that meaningfully want to understand what’s working and what’s not in healthcare,” Dhar adds. “The uniqueness about what we’ve created is a business model that really puts the patient at the center of the process and really supports and focuses on their care and improving it. So, life science companies that are looking for additional insights in terms of products that are in the market, it’d be great for them to learn about what’s working or not working with their products in the real world.”