Innovaccer launches tool to compare hospital performance

Hospital Compare enables patients to determine the best hospital for types of treatment in a specific area. Physicians and providers can also use the tool to better understand what improvements are needed for higher quality care. 
By Jack McCarthy
10:18 AM

Innovaccer on Wednesday unveiled a free tool to track, compare and analyze hospital performance.

Called Hospital Compare, the app analyses research on hospital data sets provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and enables visually interactive presentations with comparisons based on multiple parameters.

The CMS data can be used for comparison of up to five hospitals at a time on five fundamental domains: readmissions and deaths, outpatient imaging efficiency, structural measures, timely and effective care, and value of care.

With the tool, healthcare providers aiming to follow value-based care best practices can understand the scope of improvements needed and to strive toward quality patient-centric care. For patients, the tool provides data to get the best treatment from the best hospital of their choice listed in their geographical area.

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In addition, providers, physicians, and public can use Hospital Compare to view inpatient and outpatient records and the response to screenings.

The portal is also equipped with additional data sets about the hospital. These include the availability of emergency services, the rating of the hospital, and other information, all helping users make informed choices and ultimately leading to more efficient and less costly healthcare delivery.

Hospital Compare is built with direct inputs from CMS data of over 4,000 hospitals. The tool also gives a clear view of hospital-by-hospital performance on 64 different quality measures, as set by the CMS.

“Working closely with some of the largest healthcare organizations from an early stage, we realized that access to benchmarking information remains a challenge for the healthcare industry,” Innovacer CEO Abhinav Shashank said in a statement. “One can’t improve what one can’t measure, so we came up with a way for the healthcare community to track, and compare the quality of care metrics.” 

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