Top 5 videos from HIMSS17

Top 5 videos from HIMSS17

Informatica bolsters analytics with new software, opening disparate data avenues

Analytic accelerator lets organizations dig through existing and older formats from M&A
By Chris Nerney
02:33 PM
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Data management vendor Informatica plans to announce new products at HIMSS15 designed to help healthcare entities speed data analysis and modernize aging applications.

Informatica is slated to unveil Healthcare Analytics Accelerator as well as the Application Retirement for Healthcare Solution. 

The Analytics Accelerator enables healthcare organizations to access and trust data from a variety of sources and formats, according to Michelle Blackmer, Informatica’s healthcare industry marketing director.

“Healthcare organizations can extract the data from all these applications and bring it together in its raw form, but integrated,” Blackmer said. “Now analysts can have access to that data through any kind of query tool, whether it’s Microsoft Sequel Server, Excel or a business intelligence tool.”

As healthcare organizations increasingly rely on data analytics to treat patients, monitor disease trends and improve operational efficiencies, they must confront challenges regarding data quality and the length of the analytics process.

What’s more, as providers modernize or consolidate their IT systems, many implement new applications while still running older software.

“Healthcare providers may have every intention of retiring old applications, but then they fall behind or get so focused on implementing new applications that they don’t circle back,” Blackmer said. “But that means they’re paying maintenance and they’re supporting an application that they might just need for analytics purposes.”

Informatica’s Application Retirement for Healthcare Solution aims to eliminate the cost of maintaining these legacy applications while enabling easy access to retired data that can be used for reporting, analytics and operations.

“The solution allows them to archive those applications and maintain access to the data from a reporting standpoint but retire paying maintenance on it,” Blackmer said.

One specific use for new application retirement software would be for healthcare organizations conducting mergers and acquisitions, she said.

“They acquire physician practices and then they want to retire the practice management application, but they’re still collecting payments and sending out bills for quite some time after that,” Blackmer said. “So they’re forced to continue to pay maintenance and maintain the practice-managed application.”

Informatica’s new software “will monitor the accounts receivable burn-down so they can continue to stay on top of their accounts receivable without maintaining the practice management application. They can still go ahead and retire those and get the cost savings.”