Illinois hospital targets patients with marketing

By Mike Miliard
11:05 AM

CPM Marketing Group, a provider of healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) strategies, announced on Tuesday the first implementation of its Instant CRM system at Edward Hospital & Health Services in Naperville, Ill. The real-time behavioral targeting solution lets the hospital tailor its Web content to current and prospective patients based on individual health needs.

The Instant CRM system uses consumer and patient data stored in the 317-bed hospital’s CRM database to interactively and incrementally customize the content presented to individuals to enhance and personalize the consumer "conversation."

The system is somewhat similar to how makes personalized book recommendations based upon a consumer’s purchasing and search habits. Whenever those targeted access Edward Hospital’s website, they'll receive individualized communication based on their specific health needs, which can be derived from psychographic, demographic, geographic medical history and marketing campaign data aggregated by the CRM database.

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Instant CRM-enabled Web messages are displayed as dynamically created, real-time content that contains customized copy, imagery and offers for individual visitors. Those relevant health messages create a personalized experience that increases customer engagement.

"It is very difficult to develop a customer experience that fits everyone, but now with Instant CRM, Edward Hospital can create segment-of-one communication to fulfill the individual needs of its vast patient and prospect population," said John Hallick, president and CEO of CPM Marketing Group. "With this new behavioral targeting technology, Edward Hospital can present a consistent message and create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities across its various consumer touch points – this hasn’t been possible in healthcare until now."

"CPM’s state-of-the-art CRM technology has proven to be a valuable asset in helping us generate higher margins and market more effectively and efficiently to consumers and patients,” added Brian Davis, vice president of marketing at Edward Hospital & Health Services. "We anticipate great success with this program due to its ability to deliver targeted messages to individuals instead of delivering general messages to a mass audience."

In addition to creating an individualized consumer experience, the benefits of Instant CRM (ICRM) include:

  • Improving Edward Hospital’s ability to track utilization and ICRM’s impact on the bottom line
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the Web
  • Providing consistent, targeted messaging across all communication channels
  • Increasing efficiency by auto-completing screens and forms with data
  • Up-selling additional services based on any recent direct mail campaigns or promotions
  • Cross-selling additional services not directly promoted, yet relevant to the individual

"CPM’s hospital clients understand the value of building and maintaining relations with current and prospective patients and we want to make sure that they have the very best tools available to do this in a fashion that meets their business requirements," said Hallick.  ICRM helps hospitals deliver better care, boost revenue and gain a competitive business advantage, he said.


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