Hyland launches OnBase VNA

Securely stores DICOM and non-DICOM data
By Mike Miliard
03:39 PM
data lock on keyboard

The newly-launched OnBase VNA technology from Hyland stores both DICOM and non-DICOM clinical content – X-rays, MRIs , CT scans, digital photos, documents and reports – and then makes it available, in context, from the electronic medical record.

Because OnBase VNA securely stores non-DICOM content in its native format, it serves as an expandable repository, officials say, enabling healthcare organizations to consolidate existing DICOM archives while supporting short-term, long-term and redundant storage and enabling disaster recovery.

Traditionally, clinical specialties within a hospital have each stored their own clinical content in a picture archive and communication system, or PACS. This siloed data makes internal and external data exchange much more difficult – necessitating that images be burned CDs or flash drives and physically transferred. Instead, OnBase VNA offers a single storage platform that standardizes and centralizes medical imaging and other patient data from multiple vendor PACS.

As value-based care becomes the norm, it's imperative for healthcare organizations to "better manage the lifecycle of their content," says Susan deCathelineau, vice president of healthcare sales and services at Hyland. OnBase VNA, she says, can "be an archive for all content," offering authorized users access to critical data and enabling clinicians to have a more complete patient record.

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