More docs tap into Colorado HIE

By Erin McCann
04:04 PM

A Colorado healthcare network comprised of more than 200 physicians has signed a contract joining the state’s health information exchange, officials at the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) announced Monday.

The Integrated Physician Network (iPN), a multi-specialty association of physicians and medical practices spanning 40 practice sites, will now be connecting to CORHIO’s HIE, allowing providers to electronically access clinical data across disparate systems outside of their local network with Centura Health hospitals. These hospitals include the Boulder Community Hospital, Longmont United Hospital and other health care providers in the region.

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Officials say CORHIO will provide the physicians and other medical care providers with secure access to important clinical information, including lab test and pathology results, x-ray, MRI and other imaging reports, and physician transcription reports. In the future, the HIE is scheduled to be upgraded to include additional data types and functionality.

"We believe we are accountable to deliver superior care to our patients and through our aggregate EHR data, we strive to better understand our community's health needs around screening and prevention, and those people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes," said David Ehrenberger, MD, chief medical officer of iPN and chief medical officer at Avista Adventist Hospital. 

"A significant amount of our patient information comes from sources outside of our provider network, such as regional community hospitals, labs and imaging centers," said Ehrenberger. "That's why we are so excited to be a part of the HIE; it is launching us into a new era and taking us to the next level of proactive population health management."

CORHIO officials said that by participating in HIE, health care providers have more comprehensive patient information at their fingertips that is used to improve quality of care, eliminate costly, redundant testing and reduce treatment delays and hassles for patients related to paper medical records and reports. 

"The iPN has always been interested in extending its health information exchange across the state," said Hans Wiik, president and CEO of the Integrated Physician Network. "It will be extremely beneficial for us to share patient information and better coordinate care with hospitals in our region, like Boulder Community Hospital and Longmont United Hospital, as well as with facilities in other areas of the state."

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"We're delighted that the health care providers of iPN will soon have real-time access to more comprehensive and complete patient information, enabling them to provide higher quality, more timely and cost-effective healthcare," said Larry Wolk, MD, CORHIO's chief executive officer. "Because their patients' data will be seamlessly accessible from their EHR application, it will save the providers time too. It's a win-win solution for everyone."