HP supports UK hospital's IT revolution

By Jamie Thompson
10:02 AM

HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd. will support Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with a $210 million, 10-year agreement. The hospital seeks to transform its digital infrastructure to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

The eHospital program is CUH’s next step in becoming a fully digital hospital. HP will work with CUH to create a secure, integrated IT environment that allows clinical staff to access patient data via a new EHR system.

"eHospital is about putting our patients -- their outcomes and safety -- first, always. We cannot continue to deliver the highest quality of compassionate care to our patients unless we invest in IT systems to transform our services,” said Keith McNeil, chief executive at CUH, in a statement. “Our patients will see significant benefits as we will be able to care for them in a safer and more effective way, spend more time with them and, very importantly, they will be much more involved in their own care.”

HP will provide Enterprise Applications Hosting, Network Management, HP WorkPlace 360 services and other solutions for a scalable, consistent foundation for CUH’s new digital infrastructure. HP will also host and operate the hospital’s EHR system and other software applications.

The completion of the eHospital program will enable clinical staff to access a patient’s information at the bedside and via mobile devices. Test results, medical history, images and more can be accessed conveniently and securely to facilitate faster, more informed decision-making.