How apps are changing healthcare

By Benjamin Harris
09:08 AM

Does your phone hold the key to better health worldwide?

Mobile health, or mHealth, technology is a relative newcomer to the world of healthcare technology, but in the short time it has been around there has been a great deal of excitement around its potential. Around the world, cell phone connectivity has skyrocketed, leapfrogging traditional phone networks in many developing nations. Along what that shift, so too have new methods of banking, communicating, and delivering health care popped up.

In education session 177, “Apps Save Lives: How mHealth Technology Improves Healthcare Quality Worldwide,” on Feb. 26 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in room 3131A, Donato Tramuto and Milton Ochieng’, MD, will discuss the wold of mHealth and how app development can improve the lives of millions around the globe.

Ochieng’ raised money to build the first health clinic in his rural Kenyan hometown and now teaches at Brown University. Tramuto is one of the founders of Health eVillages, a non-profit that uses mobile phones and apps to deliver quality healthcare in remote areas and developing nations.

There are plenty of lessons to be learned from mHealth initiatives in developing nations. From HIV/AIDS treatments to delivering crucial and timely information to pregnant mothers, mHealth technology is educating and connecting a new world of healthcare consumers with some of the best providers on the globe. Tramuto and Ochieng’ will discuss the challenge these initiatives address and resolve, as well as how the lessons can be transplanted to other communities.