HIMSS to 'buddy up' with UK National Health Service

As NHS seeks to modernize, HIMSS will help leading hospitals partner with international counterparts such as Mayo and Cleveland Clinic.
By Mike Miliard
11:46 AM

UK Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt announced that NHS was recognizing a dozen hospitals in the UK as "exemplars" for their use of healthcare IT, awarding each £10 million in return for helping NHS as a whole learn from their advancements.

As part of the initiative each UK trust – together representing an "Ivy League" of digital maturity, according to Hunt – will partner up with an international healthcare organization to gain lessons from its IT expertise. In his announcement, Hunt mention Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic as potential examples.

To help, HIMSS is launching a "buddying" program to assist those hospitals in finding partners to help spur digital innovation.

"Many of the Exemplars will have different requirements potentially based on their current IT baseline position, patient populations, their IT systems, overarching challenges or ambitions going forward and we hope to share with them the information to ensure that they are able to choose the best possible partner going forward," said John Rayner, regional director of the HIMSS Analytics Health Advisory Services Group, Europe.

HIMSS will help the exemplars track their digital maturity using its Electronic Medical Record Adoption and Continuity of Care Maturity Models. It will also help them align and share best practices with other hospitals worldwide that have shared data with HIMSS

"HIMSS works closely with more than 9,000 health and care organizations across the world including those in the  UK, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, the U.S. and Asia, so we are uniquely positioned to help match NHS organizations with those who are leading the way in achieving significant benefits through enhanced levels digital maturity and EMR adoption," said Rayner. 

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