HIMSS Analytics unveils new maturity models for infrastructure, supply chain

The company is also expanding its digital imaging adoption model into enterprise imaging.
By Tom Sullivan
10:17 AM

Building on the success of its EMR Adoption Model, otherwise known as EMRAM, HIMSS Analytics is introducing new models for infrastructure and supply chain and expanding its Digital Imaging Adoption Model.

Much like EMRAM was a guidepost hospitals use when gearing up for an EHR go-live, the new models are designed to help users understand how to optimize infrastructure, supply chain and enterprise imaging.

“Early infrastructure models were built around EHRs and on-site data centers but as cloud, telehealth and personalized medicine continue advancing, the infrastructure demands on a hospital have changed,” said Blain Newton, Executive Vice President of HIMSS Analytics. “Being able to understand how to adapt to that from disparate locations and access patient generated data is a very different game than when all you had to do was setup a server farm.”

To that end, HIMSS Analytics built the Infrastructure Maturity Model, INFRAM, in collaboration with Cisco. Likewise, HIMSS Analytics partnered with Scan Health to create the H-SIMM.

“When you think of supply chain, the real value is integration with clinical systems to reduce variability and cost of care,” Newton said. “If you have that integration, hospitals can achieve all kinds of financial benefits immediately from reducing waste and variability and the long-term play is very significant impact on clinical effectiveness.”

Whereas INFRAM and H-SIMM are new models, HIMSS Analytics is working to bring its Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) to the United States and expand it to include Enterprise Imaging.

“With the advancement of imaging technology and infrastructure to support large-scale data storage and transport, and AI to automate interpretation of images, we’re seeing an explosion in this space,” Newton said.

Right now, leading systems such as the Mayo Clinic are leveraging heavy AI-enabled image reading and analysis but the question has become whether or not rural facilities can use technology, infrastructure and access to information in similar ways.

“You have to be setup from a technology and workflow perspective,” Newton said.

The new maturity models will be available in the summer of 2018.

HIMSS Analytics is in Booth 1338.

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