Heard on HIMSS TV: Thought leaders talk about the state of the industry today

A roundup of big ideas from experts on interoperability, patient engagement, security, cloud computing, innovation, policy and more during HIMSS18.
By Wendy Almeida
10:33 AM

HIMSS TV debuted on March 6 in Las Vegas. Speakers for the inaugural broadcast included James Madara, MD, of the American Medical Association, David Harlow from the The Harlow Group, Nick van Terheyden of Incremental Health, Ashish Atreja, MD, from Mount Sinai, Susan Dentzer from The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation, Jim Douglas, the former governor of Vermont and many more. Here's a sampling of what you'll hear on HIMSS TV Global Network.

‘Where the patient exists is the truth of our healthcare system. That’s where we have to pay attention..’

James Madara, MD, and CEO of the American Medical Association, outlines his ideas about the need for rapid, secured, permission-based (and inexpensive) clinical workflow tools to relieve the administrative burden on physicians. Learn more about Analytics on HIMSS TV.


‘Security has a tendency to make it difficult to practice clinical medicine.’

David Harlow, principal at The Harlow Group and Nick van Terheyden, CEO of Incremental Health, debate the issue of balancing the need for security with the limitations it places on clinical productivity. Learn more about cybersecurity on HIMSS TV.


‘The cloud is as secure, or as less secure as any other infrastructure. If implemented correctly, it can actually be more secure and provide greater privacy than an on-premises infrastructure.’

Anand Shroff, founder and chief development officer of Health Fidelity, explains the most fundamental misconception about cloud computing in regard to data security and privacy. Learn more about Cloud Computing on HIMSS TV.


‘We are seeing aggregation, which is a sign of maturity in how the technologies are emerging.’

Ashish Atreja, MD, Mount Sinai’s chief innovation officer offers tips about finding ways to innovate and keep a finger on the pulse of emerging platforms aggregating information. More on Innovation on HIMSS TV.


‘Make the transactional experience better, with less friction to enable human interaction.’

Susan Dentzer, president and CEO at The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation and Sara Vaezy, chief digital strategy officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, discuss bringing care to patients where they are by breaking down the walls and creating virtual care initiatives. Learn more about Patient Engagement on HIMSS TV.


‘States can get the job done.’

Jim Douglas, former Governor of Vermont along with Daniel Morhaim, MD, of the Maryland House of Delegates and Jesse Topper from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, have a candid conversation on the challenge of improving the regulatory climate for healthcare. 


‘[An app] really has to be designed in a way that consumers can understand it instantly. Don’t make it too complex. And make it relevant to their needs.’

To engage consumers, healthcare systems need to be designed so they are responsive to patients' needs says John Sharp, senior manager of  Consumer Health IT, PCHA. More about Mobile and other topics on HIMSS TV Global Network.


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