Healthcare sector in Dubai to update online details according to DHA circular

Updating data easier when online
By Dillan Yogendra
09:39 AM

The regulation department for the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) – responsible for the regulation of health facilities and medical professionals in the Emirate of Dubai outside of Dubai Healthcare City – has just issued a circular to the healthcare sector requesting they update their details on the online licensing system known as Sheryan.

Launched in the last quarter of 2011, to date more than 431,404 e-transactions have taken place using the online system, and the model provides healthcare facilities, investors and healthcare professionals with an e-application system – facilitating a completely paperless environment. More than 446 health centers are located across 74 countries and healthcare professionals who wish to work in Dubai can apply for a license online from any part of the world.

Director of Health Regulation at the DHA, Ramadan Ibrahim said: “Since the introduction of this system, we have seen a significant leap in the number of applications both in terms of individuals who are keen to work in Dubai's health sector as well as investors who would like to set up healthcare facilities here."

It has been reported that the licensing system is applicable for 117 specialties and that the system will facilitate further investment in healthcare in Dubai. Ibrahim added: “Today, a doctor or a healthcare professional can apply to practice in the Emirate of Dubai from any part of the world through this system. This system will definitely provide an impetus to investment in the sector and is of great convenience to healthcare professionals. For instance, an investor who has established a new hospital in Dubai would require 200–300 nurses. He no longer needs to bring the nurses to Dubai and apply for their license, the nurses can apply for the license online from their home country – this saves time, money and makes the process very simple.”

Updating data about healthcare professionals and facilities is a much easier procedure when everything is online: “We have issued a circular to healthcare professionals to update their details including their contact details in case they have moved jobs etc. so that they receive all our messages and alerts. We have also asked healthcare facilities to update their details and provide us with complete information including plot no etc. so that we have the updated record of all information relating to the health sector. This information also works as a strong baseline to get a microscopic analysis of the health sector at present and we share this information with our counterparts at the DHA from time-to-time so that they can analyze the gaps and strengths in the heath sector and incorporate the necessary updates in our future plans for the health sector." He also said having an online record of all the facilities in Dubai helps in capacity planning and channelling investment according to health sector needs.

Dubai has over 2310 health facilities across the public and private sectors, and these facilities employ more than 24,500 healthcare professionals (18,500 in the private and 6000 in the public sector). There are a total of 31 hospitals (27 in the private sector). In the 12 month period, 2012 saw three new hospitals opened in the private sector. Several more are currently under construction and that is expected to add a further 1500 beds to the hospitals in Dubai. A total of 521 polyclinics and 566 pharmacies are also operational in the Emirate.

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