Healthcare needs secure storage

By Patty Enrado
12:00 AM

Across all industries, the use of data storage has grown from 50 percent to 100 percent. For every dollar an organization spends on hardware storage, it spends three to four times that amount managing that data, said Steve Denegri, managing director and system area networks analyst for RBC Capital Markets. While HIPAA regulations add another level of complexity to data storage, regulation and price pressures underscore healthcare organizations' need to have secure, consolidated data storage.

Brocade Communications Systems
SilkWorm 3250
Features: 8-port Fibre Channel switch with auto-sensing, reliable 1 and 2 Gbit/sec interfaces; simplified setup, deployment and management; hot code activation capability enables software upgrades without fabric disruption.
Capacity: 8-port Fibre Channel switch.
Data protection Features: Security and access control service, advanced performance monitoring service, extended fabrics service, advanced zoning service, inter-switch link trunking service and fabric watch service.

SilkWorm 3900
Features: 32-port Fibre Channel switch in a 1.5U enclosure with auto-sensing, reliable 1 and 2 Gbit/sec interfaces, hot code activation capability enables software upgrades without fabric disruption.
Capacity: 32-port Fibre Channel switch.
Data protection Features: Security and access control service, advanced performance monitoring service, extended fabrics service, advanced zoning service, inter-switch link trunking service and fabric watch service.

EMC Corp.
CLARiiON CX series
Features: Designed to provide more power, functionality and scalability at an affordable price. The next-generation CLARiiON CX series will ensure that electronic images, records and signatures are available to providers and secure for HIPAA requirements, improving patient care.
Capacity of box: Scales from 108 GB to 74 TB.
Data protection Features: Software includes SnapView, which creates point-in-time copies of production data in seconds for faster data backup and recovery, increasing application availability; MirrorView, a remote synchronous and asynchronous mirroring for business continuity protection, which supports connection over IP networks and Fibre Channel; and SAN Copy, a data mobility between multi-vendor storage systems over a high-speed SAN infrastructure or WAN.

Dell Enterprise Storage division
Dell-EMC Fibre Channel CX300
Features: An entry-level 2Gbps Fibre Channel RAID array that can be used in a SAN or directly attached to servers. The CX300 offers many of the same enterprise business continuance features as the Dell/EMC CX500, but does not need all the performance and scalability and mirroring capabilities of the CX500 and CX700.
Capacity: Up to 60 drives; storage is up to 13.4 TB with ATA drives; and bandwidth is more than 680MB/s throughput: 50,000 I/Os per second.
Data protection Features: Can back up and restore functionality through its integrated hardware, software and backup offerings from all major vendors. Optional SnapView software can create snapshot or clones of data.

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array 3000 and 5000
Features: Architecture uses unique virtualization technology to optimize and dynamically expand storage space. Designed for both direct attached and SAN environments.
Capacity: Using 146 GB drives, the EVA3000 can support 8 TB per HSV100 controller pair. One EVA3000 controller pair can support up to 56 Fibre Channel disk drives. Using 146 GB drives, the EVA5000 can support 24 TB in one cabinet and 35 TB in two cabinets.
Data protection Features: The EVA 5000 offers HP continuous access EVA that performs point-in-time local replication with highly available Fibre Channel multi-path support, dual FC fabric nearline data protector and campus, metro or continental SAN extensions. Self-tuning performance ensures consistency in meeting application service level agreements.

McDATA Corp.
McDATA Intrepid 6000 Series Directors
Features: Connectivity of as much as 140 ports per device within SANs, 2Gb/sec. protocol speeds (upgradeable to 10Gbs/sec.) and ultra-high availability to larger storage networks and mainframe FICON environments; open platform, business continuance through 99.999 percent availability; centralized management; consistent high performance as applications increase bandwidth, even in the event of a failure; investment protection through technology upgrades such as 10 Gb/s and iSCSI connectivity.
Capacity: Intrepid 6140 Director offers 140 ports @ 2 Gb/s; Intrepid 6064 Director offers 64 ports @ 2 Gb/s.
Data protection Features: Complete redundancy across all active components. Security solution SANtegrity provides ultra-high availability characteristics and security functionality to help ensure data integrity throughout the entire FICON/Open fabric.

Network Appliance
NetApp SnapLock software
Features: SnapLock delivers flexible and scalable "WORM" capabilities on high-performance magnetic disk-based nearline (NearStore) and primary (FAS) storage platforms, which provide robust authentication, authorization, auditing and encryption capabilities to meet business and HIPAA requirements.
Capacity of box: NearStore scales from 8TB to 96TB; NetApp FAS scales from 1TB to 64 TB
Data protection Features: SnapLock software combined with NetApp storage systems delivers write-once, read-many (WORM) records storage that is non-rewriteable and non-erasable, thus preventing alternation or premature deletion. SnapLock offers data permanence capabilities, automatic data verification, and strong security features that fit into existing enterprise infrastructures, including authentication, access controls, server or network-based access restrictions, transmission encryption, and audit logs.

Information Lifecycle Management Healthcare Solutions
Features: Hardware has D-Series disk (high-performance); B-Series disk (high-capacity); T9840 tape drives (high-performance); T9940, LTO, and DLT tape drives (high-capacity); L-Series tape libraries; Storage Networking; Brocade Silkworm switches and directors; McData Sphereon switches; McData Intrepid directors; StorageNet Multi-protocol routers. Software has Application Storage Manager software (policy-based data mover for multiple media sources), GSM (SAN management software for multiple media and networking sources), professional- and support services, high-availability SAN assessment and design, disaster recovery SAN assessment and design, business continuity SAN assessment and design, HIPAA risk assessment of SAN designs, remote SAN management of healthcare SAN, local SAN management of healthcare SAN, and pre-configured healthcare SAN design.
Capacity: Solutions offer automated data management policies between multiple tiers of storage (performance- and capacity-related disk and tape options). Standard multiple media solutions range from 3.2 TB to more than 80 TB.
Data protection Features: Three-tier solution includes Storage Essentials, Storage Enhancements and Strategic Storage. Storage Essentials include disaster recovery, archiving solutions for PACS, e-mail archive, video surveillance and professional services for healthcare. Storage Enhancements helps address data management needs on an ongoing basis, with healthcare risk management assessment, systems performance archive assessment, remote managed storage, and Enterprise Support Services, a third-party hardware and software maintenance and support.

Sun Microsystems
Sun StorEdge Open SAN Architecture
Features: A comprehensive, unified SAN that scales from the workgroup to the data center and enables optimal storage utilization, improved performance and simplified management.
Capacity: Offers file system scalability up to 252 TB and provides up to 64 overlapping soft zones.
Data protection Features: Sun StorEdge QFS and StorEdge SAM-FS software enable on-demand access to files before the file system is restored to reduce risk of data loss in the event of an outage.

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