Healthcare IT company takes marketing to new heights

By Bernie Monegain
10:52 AM

MTBC, a revenue cycle management and healthcare IT company, is taking to the air to call attention to its offerings.

MTBC will fly its new company airplane to four New Jersey airports Feb. 3 and Feb. 4 to promote its medical IT platform.

The airplane is wrapped in a purple laminate cover. MTBC officials boast that the vendor is the only healthcare company in the country with its own airplane - which is outfitted to be a flying promotional platform.

MTBC embodies the change in healthcare that President Obama has called for, company executives said. The company offers clients a Web-based practice management system and free electronic medical record software at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house or regional billing systems, in addition to Web sites for patient self-scheduling, automated appointment reminders by phone, integration with a touch-screen kiosk for patient check-in, and real-time claims adjudication with several major insurers.

With more physician offices and hospitals around the country opting to take advantage of MTBC's groundbreaking medical billing and IT platform, the company looked for a bold statement of its vision to meet with healthcare practices in Los Angeles one day and Miami the next, as well as visit or fly in prospective acquisition targets such as other billing companies, said David Rosenblum, president of MTBC.

"There is a real sense of urgency in the calls and e-mails we receive every day, because this is a critical moment for the healthcare industry," Rosenblum said. "Physicians and administrators are confronted with significant economic, legislative and IT issues that will determine if their practices can survive or thrive. They want to evaluate our expertise and services immediately - and with our airplane we can present MTBC promptly in person."

MTBC's twin-engine Aero Commander seats seven people and has a range of more than 1,600 miles, making day trips throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic convenient. With clients active now in 40 states, MTBC will make farther trips frequently as well, Rosemblum said.

MTBC already uses ambulances and cars that are wrapped in the company's trademark purple and emblazoned with MTBC's array of services. One ambulance is equipped with flat-screen televisions and PCs connected to the Internet to demonstrate MTBC's Web-based practice management system and free electronic medical record software.

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, MTBC will bring its plane to Princeton Airport, in Montgomery Township, starting at 11 a.m.; and Camden County Airport, in Berlin, starting at 3 p.m. On Wednesday, Feb. 4, the plane will travel to Monmouth Executive Airport in Wall, arriving at 11 a.m.; and Teterboro Airport, arriving at 3 p.m.