Healthcare IT companies show their wares at TEPR

By Patrick Sullivan
12:00 AM

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Many companies used last month's TEPR (Toward An Electronic Medical Record) Conference as a platform to unveil and demonstrate their newest products.

MedKey Corp.
MedKey Corporation launched the first free Microsoft Windows compatible CCR (Continuity of Care) Reader. According to MedKey CTO Sanehpal Sira, "If someone wants to read a PDF file, we all know where to get a PDF Reader and it's free. The CCR-Reader Application will set the same standard for the health care industry and you can download it for free".

The MedBytes CCR-Reader is a Microsoft Windows .NET compatible application developed in conjunction with the Continuity of Care specification, enabling any health care provider to read a compatible CCR file.  

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The CCR represents the first attempt to demonstrate how core patient health information can be exchanged to create continuity of care among different providers.  A doctor's office or hospital/clinic without an electronic medical record (EMR) system in place will still be able to read a CCR compatible XML file generated by an EMR software Program. The free CCR-Reader application can be downloaded from the MedKey Web site.

MedcomSoft's new suite will now enable healthcare providers to use one single platform to achieve the automation of the majority of tasks required for the management of their practices and patients. In addition to the new version of MedcomSoft's advanced electronic medical record system, MedcomSoft Record 2.0, the new suite will include a new Document Management System, a new Referrals and Authorization Management System, a new Electronic Order Entry System with a universal laboratory communication interface, MedcomSoft Portable Chart (MPC), a new Billing and Claims Management System and a variety of integrated dynamic tools for Medicare compliance checking to medical necessities.

Dr. Sami Aita, MedcomSoft's Chairman and CEO says, "This constitutes a major leap forward for MedcomSoft, which has moved beyond the electronic medical records to automate all other necessary tasks and functions in physicians' offices across many specialties. MedcomSoft Record Suite will finally deliver to the market a tightly integrated product that marries the unique functionalities of numerically coded patient charts with many other practice management and workflow functions."

Patient Care System
Designed by experienced emergency department personnel, the newest tool incorporated into the Amelior ED Patient Care System, Trauma Accelerator is the electroniccharting solution that provides Trauma Staff with the ability to document completely, accurately and in a fashion that keeps pace with events unfolding during a trauma resuscitation.

The uncomplicated point and click interface captures comprehensive clinical information to produce charts and reports that meet every need from provider preferences and facility protocols to regulatory requirements.

PatientKeeper, Inc demonstrated Patient– Keeper e-Prescription its new e-prescribing application developed in partnership with DrFirst. e-Prescription integrates with PatientKeeper's full portfolio of mobile healthcare solutions and allows physicians to create prescriptions, check patient allergies and drug interactions, and send prescriptions directly to pharmacies.

Siemens Medical Solutions
Siemens Medical Solutions introduced Soarian HIM (Health Information Mana-gement), which is providing a paperless, virtual, and measurable HIM environment. Siemens is offering a single vendor solution that delivers true integration and access to information across the enterprise. Soarian HIM provides a complete electronic medical record, accessible from any location via secure browser access with built-in HIM workflows to improve productivity, and embedded analytics to measure performance.

Carefx showed three new products. The Fusionfx Context Manager coordinates many different healthcare applications on a desktop, creating a user driven, patient-centered information workspace by implementing the HL7 CCOW interoperability standard for:

– Providing single and simultaneous sign-on and common patient selection to multiple applications;

– Augmenting patient safety by matching context within applications to avoid minor errors;

– Reducing help desk costs and enhancing security due to a single user name and password, integrating with the existing LDAP infrastructure without requiring a separate directory supporting fat client, Citrix / WTS-enabled, and Web-based applications.

Unityfx Web Desktop provides a Web-based, highly adaptable framework for aggregating applications and viewing patient data. It enables hospitals to combine access to best-of-breed applications and information into a highly customizable clinical workspace for physicians, nurses, and other allied caregivers.Sentryfx Audit Log provides a repertoire of HIPAA tools for healthcare organizations. It provides an auditable, application-neutral, highly scalable, consolidated record of user activities such as signing on to applications and selecting patient records.

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