Greenway embeds CommonWell functionality

'CommonWell will enable us to ... better coordinate care'
By Mike Miliard
11:27 AM

"At Greenway Health, we don't believe in barriers to clinical data," said Greenway CEO Tee Green in a press statement. "Innovative partnerships like CommonWell are one way we enable the secure data flow that leads to connected care and, ultimately, better health outcomes. The Alliance gives our customers and other participants a more secure way to gain a more comprehensive view of the patient's health history, regardless of the point of care or what information system was used. This will enable clinicians to make the most informed decisions possible."

The news release quotes Nancy Brown, practice administrator at Albany, Georgia-based, The Veranda, a Greenway customer that makes use of CommonWell connectivity as part of its patient-centered medical home efforts.

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"With a growing population that's typically been seen in multiple hospitals, doctor's offices and other care venues, integrating CommonWell services with our Greenway Health solutions just made sense," said Brown.

"As a PCMH, you can't develop and execute a care plan if patients don't even recall everywhere they've received care, let alone all of their medications, lab results and procedures," she added. "CommonWell will enable us to quickly gather more of the relevant patient records, so we can better coordinate that care and deliver better potential outcomes."

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Greenway is one of the seven founding members of CommonWell, a non-profit trade association dedicated to establishing a standard way to easily and safely exchange patient information across healthcare organizations.

Since its founding in 2013, the alliance has grown steadily, adding health IT vendors that serve 70 percent of the acute care EHR market and 24 percent of the ambulatory EHR market, adding companies that specialize in imaging, perinatal, laboratory, retail pharmacy, oncology, post-acute care and more.