Geisinger adds BI platform to labs

By Bernie Monegain
10:14 AM

Geisinger Health System has implemented the Altosoft Insight for Pathology system at its clinical and anatomic pathology labs in order to produce quicker and more in-depth reports on use and service in a fraction of the time.

"Increasingly, we need to rely on real-time reports that combine data from multiple systems to better understand the status of our quality of service and lab utilization so we can maintain the highest level of service and quickly adjust as patient loads change,” said Al Shulski, Geisinger's laboratory information systems director. “The old approach of working from monthly, weekly or even daily reports is no longer acceptable.”

Shulski said the Altosoft system enabled Geisinger  to begin to build dashboards and reports incorporating data from all of these sources within hours of the software's installation resulting in a rapid and ongoing delivery of solutions to users.

Altosoft executives describe Altosoft's Insight for Pathology as an intuitive, graphical, point-and-click approach, empowering clinical staff and administrative personnel to take control of their data. It includes a rich library of pre-built analysis and reports while allowing for easy extension and customization.

The implementation allows medical and business professionals at Geisinger's clinical and anatomic pathology labs to create reports and dashboards on operational efficiency that they can share as part of Geisinger's ongoing efforts to improve outcomes for its patients.

"Organizations have increasingly realized that while their stores of data are greater than ever, the systems are far too complicated and closed making it too costly to actually get the information they need in a timely manner," said Scott Opitz, Altosoft's president and chief executive officer.  "Accessing this data no longer needs to be a struggle.”

Altosoft is located in Media, Pa., near Philadelphia. Altosoft Insight can be installed on a single server or distributed across multiple computers for shared access and optimal performance.