By Rachel McArthur 08:41 am November 26, 2020
The healthcare provider – and first member of the Kingdom’s Mayo Clinic Care Network – will roll-out the EMR system in its Jeddah hospital and clinics.
By Sara Mageit 06:06 am November 26, 2020
A look at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's preparedness for cyber-attacks during COVID-19 with Dr Saif Abed, founding partner and director of cybersecurity advisory services at AbedGraham, who will be moderating at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 Middle East Conference.
Patient consults via telehealth with doctor at home
By Mike Miliard 04:50 pm November 25, 2020
Building off its Hospital Without Walls program, it's offering new flexibilities around telehealth and remote patient monitoring as the country enters "a new level of crisis response," said CMS Administrator Seema Verma.
By Susan Morse 04:01 pm November 25, 2020
 Learn to Live was added to insurer benefits to address behavioral health disorders, which are among the most expensive, according to CEO Dale Cook.
NHSX, NHS Digital.
By Tammy Lovell 01:53 pm November 25, 2020
The Department of Health and Social Care has quashed rumours of a third tech unit to work alongside NHSX and NHS Digital.
Ted Yoho

Ted Yoho by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By Kat Jercich 01:08 pm November 25, 2020
Introduced by Rep. Ted Yoho, the bipartisan legislation would make funding from the Bureau of Health Workforce conditional on adopting the compact within three years.
By Mallory Hackett 10:53 am November 25, 2020
When health systems have their staff manage revenue cycles, up to 25% of the day can be spent on repetitive tasks related to the revenue process.
A telehealth visit
By Kat Jercich 09:58 am November 25, 2020
The American Telemedicine Association said the newly released final rules move the healthcare industry closer to a value-based care model.
Microsoft, renewable energy

Credit: Jeenah Moon, Getty Images

By Sophie Porter 01:25 am November 25, 2020
On top of investment and skilling, region dubbed a “game-changer” in sustainable transformation.
Nuance, public cloud, Germany
By 01:00 am November 25, 2020
The first HIMSS study on public cloud use in Germany’s hospitals shows a high deployment level of cloud computing. On average, respondents rate public cloud solutions as more advantageous than on-premise solutions, however, they also express concerns with regard to data protection and compliance.